Empowering Women: VisMederi Foundation and Donna Chiama Donna Association Joining Forces Against Violence

Aug 14, 2023SOCIAL INITIATIVES0 comments

In its unwavering dedication to promoting well-being and equality, the VisMederi Foundation is committed to supporting women and the most vulnerable groups through a series of significant initiatives. In this spirit of social commitment, we collaborate with anti-violence Associations, both at the local and national levels. Of particular significance among these is the Donna Chiama Donna Association, a beacon of hope in the fight against gender-based violence.

This initiative took shape following a study conducted by the Provincial Administration in collaboration with the University of Siena, which examined cases of violence recorded at the Emergency Department of the Siena Hospital. The VisMederi Foundation recognizes the crucial importance of this Association and actively engages in their mission.

The VisMederi Foundation regularly participates in activities promoted by Donna Chiama Donna, demonstrating our tangible commitment to women fighting against violence. However, our support extends beyond mere participation, as we also dedicate ourselves to backing the projects and initiatives promoted by the Association. We acknowledge the fundamental need to give voice to women in vulnerable situations and create an environment where they can find help, support, and resources to rebuild their lives.

The partnership between the VisMederi Foundation and the Donna Chiama Donna Association reflects our shared commitment to a world free from gender-based violence.


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