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The “Le Bollicine” Association is a volunteer-based group dedicated to encouraging sports activities for individuals with disabilities living in the Siena region. The Association aims to foster sports and rehabilitation practices, offering avenues for socialization, networking, and integration. Over time, numerous courses have been introduced in various fields such as soccer, gymnastics, and horseback riding. Beyond sports, the Association also focuses on integrating these children into daily life.

A primary project of the Association is “Casa Clementina,” which originates from the successful experiences of residential and independent living. Situated in Porta Tufi, this residence is provided by the ASP City of Siena through an arrangement that ensures the ongoing nature of the experience. At this location, young individuals gather daily to learn about managing their domestic environments, arranging their stay in the house, and viewing it as a central aspect of their city and lives.

In addition to “Casa Clementina,” the Association operates “Casa Fragola,” a new apartment also furnished by the ASP City of Siena for weekly residential experiences. This initiative, backed by the VisMederi Foundation, presents each participant with the chance to create their unique life journey.

We are honored to support the Association le Bollicine APS and their endeavors to advance the inclusion and self-sufficiency of individuals with disabilities in the Siena region. The VisMederi Foundation stands alongside them to bolster their vital work and contribute to a more inclusive and compassionate society.


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