Endorsing the Danilo Nannini ETS Association’s Initiative for Women and Children: “Mothers’ House.”

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Incepted in November 2007 and achieving nonprofit status in August 2008, the Danilo Nannini Foundation for Women and Children ETS – Onlus operates within Italy, particularly in the Siena region. The Foundation has consistently aimed to establish a robust connection between the Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria Senese’s maternal and child units and the Siena community, enhancing the hospital’s accessibility to families.

The primary objective of the “House of Moms” initiative is to provide assistance to mothers with premature or critically ill infants admitted to the A.O.U.S. Le Scotte of Siena in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) and PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit) wards, where extended stays are often required. The project further seeks to support the most vulnerable communities in the Siena region.

The facility features thirteen beds in six double and one single room, all equipped with private bathrooms. The interior design is subtle and welcoming, fostering a comfortable and serene atmosphere. Additional amenities include a laundry room, a tearoom for breakfast and light meals, a television room, and a small library. Entry to the rooms and the facility is regulated via personal, non-transferable electronic badges, facilitated by a video surveillance system.

The primary aim is to provide mothers with hospitalized children a hospitable space that caters to their every need. To accomplish this objective, the Danilo Nannini Foundation undertakes various activities, such as:

– Encouraging the development of supportive relationships among mothers through shared experiences that can continue beyond their time at the facility.

– Ensuring a secure environment regarding sanitation and cleanliness.

– Formulating suitable and efficient strategies to alleviate the adverse effects of premature or complicated births.

– Enhancing care organization and effectiveness by promoting maternal proximity and the facilitation of breastfeeding.

– Supporting and instructing new mothers through activities that highlight the significance of parenting.


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